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How can ghostwriters help?

Writing problems in the master’s thesis is often a problem. The master’s thesis (Master’s Thesis) represents the degree for many master’s programs. Due to the – since Bologna – in Germany and internationally established two-stage study system follows for students on the bachelor’s degree often a master’s degree. Often this is a requirement if they want to further qualify academically. In professional life, the master’s degree is often required if a leadership position is desired. In many occupational fields – especially in the field of research and development, but also in the humanities – the master facilitates the career entry.

Therefore, the majority of the students also strive for the master’s degree after completing their bachelor’s degree.

Many students seek help when they write their master’s thesis. First, explain why help with this academic thesis may be required.

Why is help needed for the master’s thesis?

While in practice a master’s degree is often required for entry into the profession, many companies require at the same time professional experience of the candidate for a job. As a result, many Master’s students complete their master’s degree parallel to their job in order to gain work experience at the same time. Many students write the Master’s thesis while they are working full-time. Even if this is not the case, many students work at least part-time during their master’s studies in order to finance their studies. This can be a considerable time challenge due to the double burden. The master’s thesis is produced in the evenings and on the weekends, so family and other social contacts are often missed out. All in all, this creates immense pressure during the Master’s thesis. If at the same time further examinations have to be completed for the studies, students can quickly reach their limits.

Another problem is that supervision by the university during the Master’s thesis is often insufficient. The requirements of the university or college are not clearly communicated. Thus, the student remains unclear about what is expected of him in his Master’s thesis. Often, people are not available or have no time for the questions and uncertainties of the writer.

What are the demands of the master’s thesis?

The master thesis (synonym Master thesis or Master Thesis) is the scientific thesis of the master program. The student demonstrates his scientific abilities here. Depending on the field of study and university, the scope of a master’s thesis is usually around 60 to 100 pages. This makes it significantly more comprehensive than the bachelor thesis. The Master’s Thesis should meet both high standards of form and content. Depending on the university and field of study, an empirical part may be required. The exact requirements vary here between the different colleges and fields of study. However, the structure of a Master’s thesis can be divided relatively uniformly into the following areas:

  • cover sheet
  • (Abstract german / english)
  • Contents of the Master Thesis
  • (possibly list of abbreviations)
  • (possibly list of figures)
  • (possibly table index)
  • introduction
  • Bulk
  • Conclusion (summary and / or conclusion)
  • Bibliography and bibliography
  • (possibly appendix)

What kind of help can a ghostwriter help with the master’s thesis?

Scientific ghostwriters have extensive experience in academic work and can therefore provide extensive support in writing the master’s thesis. The ghostwriter can provide the student with his or her expertise in both the content and the formal design of the master’s thesis. At the beginning of the Master’s thesis, support can be provided in finding and narrowing the topic.

As a scientific consultant, the ghostwriter can help with literature research and explain how a master’s thesis is structured. Creating the outline can be supported and the ghostwriter can convey how empirical projects are implemented. As a coach, the ghostwriter can help break up writer’s blocks and make the writing process more efficient. Content and technical support is possible through a professional editing of the Master’s thesis. If students have a master’s thesis written, this may not be submitted as a separate examination. But it can be used as a template and orientation guide. The finished master’s thesis can also be checked by the ghostwriter for the correct citation according to the requirements of the university and subjected to a plagiarism check.

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