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Professional editing by experienced ghostwriters

When is a professional copy-reading useful? You have written a scientific paper – such as a paper, bachelor thesis or master thesis. And you are unsure whether this meets the requirements of your university? Are you worried that you may not have hit the subject exactly? Or you have linguistic uncertainties? You want to make sure that your academic work has a “common thread” that is easy to understand? Would you like to know in general, if there is still room for improvement in your thesis?

Our competent ghostwriters and authors are happy to review your bachelor thesis (Bachelor Thesis), master thesis (Master Thesis), master thesis, dissertation or homework, project work and semester work so that you can give this conscience without hesitation. In doing so, we make sure that the ghostwriter who is editing your academic work is a specialist in your particular subject area. Linguistic ambiguities or spelling errors are corrected. If there is room for improvement, we will show it and gladly accept the revision. You can decide whether you want to leave the corrections and revisions to us or take over together with us.

Frequently, errors are overlooked in self-written texts, the author has dealt so intensively with the topic and the text that he is virtually “blind” and does not recognize spelling mistakes or logical ambiguity. Play it safe and have your academic thesis professionally reviewed and revised. Our experienced ghost writers and authors are happy to help.

We are also happy to proofread individual parts of your scientific work and work together with you on missing passages or coach you in the further development of your academic work.

Our specialties

Ghostwriting Liesegang specializes in economics, business administration, economics, sociology, social science, education, social work, psychology, health economics and business psychology. In other fields we can rely on competent ghostwriters, authors, consultants and editors from our cooperation network.

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